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Plag is a pioneer in offering plagiarism removal services. We have developed a rigorous and ethical approach to removing plagiarism from written work. Our team of trained editors carefully reviews any sections of text that are flagged as potential plagiarism. They ensure that any quoted content is correctly cited and that any necessary rewrites are done. With the help of our skilled editors, any kind of written work can pass even the most stringent plagiarism checks, including those done by universities for theses.

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Six steps of plagiarism removal

The process

Plagiarism check

Our team begins the process by thoroughly checking the document for plagiarism. We ensure that the document is checked against all databases and with deep check options included. Quality is assured in every step to ensure the best results.

Initial assessment of the document

Unfortunately, some documents may have such a high similarity scores that they cannot be edited, as they contain no original content.

Editor matching

Assigning the most appropriate editor is a crucial step in our process, as it ensures that your document is reviewed by an expert in the relevant field. We carefully select an editor with extensive experience to ensure the best possible review.


We adhere to strict editing and ethical standards when reviewing and editing your document. Our team follows established guidelines to ensure comprehensive editing and to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, particularly in the removal of any instances of plagiarism.

Plagiarism check

A plagiarism check is performed to ensure that no potential instances of plagiarism remain.

Transfer to customer and revisions

Our rigorous quality control ensures optimal results and unparalleled customer satisfaction at every step of the process.


Editor matching process

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As a collaborative platform for educators and students, we engage professors and highly trained students to serve as our editors.

We take great care in selecting and training our editors, who are highly skilled in removing plagiarism according to our carefully crafted standards, methods, and best practices. Our structured workflow enables us to maintain the highest quality of service and deliver your orders within the deadline.

We have established three standards and guidelines that all of our editors must follow:

  • Professional editor standardThis standard outlines the knowledge and skills required to be a professional editor.
  • Editing standardThis standard describes the best practices for delivering services to our customers.
  • Academic editing standardThis standard outlines the methods and practices essential for ethical intervention in academic writing.

Why plagiarism removal?

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The lack of timeYou may have work or other obligations that make it impossible for you to devote the necessary time to complete your paper.
Lack of inspirationAfter spending a considerable amount of time on the content, you may struggle to find the precise words you need.
Approaching deadlineYou have a deadline soon, and your paper needs to be submitted shortly.
Strict specializationYou simply do not want to delve deep into something that you will not use in your future life. Proper citation might be one of those topics.
Poor previous interventionsSome companies and private editors do not have a strict methodological approach, and their work needs to be redone.
Lack of support from your supervisorYour supervisor may not be able to provide you with clear explanations of the citation rules.
Need for quality outcomeYou aspire to craft an exceptionally well-crafted paper and are seeking expert assistance to achieve that goal.

Guaranteed professionalism

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The professional work performed by our editors enables a smooth passing of thesis checks conducted by university programs.

Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art software equipped with highly efficient anti-plagiarism databases to ensure the delivery of exceptionally unique texts. This eliminates any concerns for those who rely on our services, enabling them to focus on their degree exams with complete confidence.

The professional team takes care of your document by removing any instances of plagiarism, deleting problematic text, putting quotes, or rewriting some parts in an authentic way.

It's worth noting that the team's work is completed in a significantly shorter time than required for manual plagiarism correction, and the results are guaranteed.

How to start?

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  1. Sign up
  2. Upload your paper
  3. Check your paper with deep check and scholarly databases enabled
  4. Wait for the check to complete and order the service.
How to start
Improper references
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Plagiarism check

Extensive databases

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We always ensure a high level of professionalism, and papers edited by us pass the similarity check conducted by your university's text similarity program.

We maintain the largest database of scholarly articles, so our service will work perfectly no matter which plagiarism prevention software your university uses, whether it be Compilatio, Turnitin, or Tesilink.

How quickly will I get the result?

We are committed to delivering the plagiarism removal service within the given deadline.

For urgent cases, we offer a "last-minute" service that guarantees delivery within 24 hours. Several editors will work on your paper to ensure a fast turnaround. Please inquire about availability for this service.

Confidentiality assured

Total confidentiality

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We understand that protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance. We guarantee total confidentiality with every plagiarism removal service we provide. Our team of expert editors is committed to maintaining the highest level of discretion with all client information, and we adhere to strict security measures to ensure that your personal details are kept safe and secure. We do not share any information related to your documents or identity with any third parties. Our editors sign strict non-disclosure agreements, ensuring that your work and personal information remain confidential at all times. We also take every precaution to safeguard our systems against any unauthorized access, ensuring that your documents and data are protected from any potential breaches. We are committed to providing our clients with a safe and secure experience, and our total confidentiality guarantee ensures that you can trust us to keep your information private.

Effective methods

How do we remove plagiarism?

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Generally, there are four main methods of removing plagiarism from a thesis:

  • Deleting problematic sections
  • Adding missing citations
  • Rewriting problematic sections properly
  • Correcting improper citations

In most cases these methods are applied simultaneously, for instance, rewriting and adding missing citations.

We always guarantee the highest satisfaction with our plagiarism removal work. Our experience enables us to provide a safe and completely anonymous service.


How much does it cost?


14 days

7 days

3 days
48 hourss

Price per page

From € 10.95

From € 12.95 (standard price)

From € 15.95

From € 19.45

One page is considered to be 250 words of matched text.

What is the allowed similarity percentage?

Similarities in the text are sometimes considered plagiarism, although this is not always the case. Despite this, many educators still rely on this method. Most professors will allow a pass if the paper has less than 10% similarity. However, in other cases, please follow the guidelines below.

< 10%


Generally, most professors will accept a paper with less than 10% similarity.



It is likely that you will be asked to edit your paper.



You will be asked to edit your document or even not to submit it.


Very high

You will probably not be allowed to submit your paper.



It is very unlikely that a professor will accept your paper.

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